Welcome to Extraordinary Care1
Whether you are experienced or non-experienced, you can be a Private Duty Caregiver Entrepreneur: 
Private Duty- You Serve and Care for your own Patients Independent from or in conjunction with a Hosptital/Nursing Facility/Nursing Agency.
Private Pay- You receive payments directly from the Patient/s (or a Family Member of your Patient/s) that you Independently Serve and Care for.   
                                                                        Owner and Ceo:  Tiffany T. Armstead
 Mother of 5 and caretaker to many, I began pursuing Nursing in High School in the early 90's. "Wherever you go in this world, someone will always need some form of medical care". I will always remember the day that my mother said this to me as she prompted me to take year long Certified Nursing and Home Health Classes.
My career in the medical field began 8 years later in Texas. It really naturally took off very fast and highly impacted my life. I have enjoyed working with Patients of various ailments and diseases in Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and in the Patients Personal Home.
While working in Nursing Homes, I often got the impatient angry look from some Nurses for "spending too much time with patients in their rooms while there were so many more to take care of." Nevertheless, I received many many compliments from several Patients and their Families.

One day, I overheard someone speaking of one on one care. (This was at a time when one on one Care seemed like a secret). I inquired about it and jumped right at the opportunity! At the Nursing Agency, I was very popular and in demand. Patients and their Families would specifically request me. If I was unavailable, they would wait for me to become available-and from time to time, a few Seniors and Family Members would decline anyone else that the Agency offered to send if it was not me!
Shortly, I began to get Referrals for my own Patients Independent from the Nursing Agency. I found myself with 6 Patients including 3 whom I served as needed (PRN). In addition to the Patients that I was assigned to at the Agency, I was Fully Booked! PLUS, I was getting MORE REFERRALS from my Own Private Patients!
Extraordinary Care is Inspired and Encouraged by my first 3 Private Pay Patients who became the backbones for my business.
When you have a Sincere Heart and a call to Serve Seniors and People with Disabilties, you will go Above and Beyond with a Genuine smile. Your presence and your intentions towards Nursing will be very well known.
There are 2 ways in which you will learn how to successfully have and keep Private Pay Patients with Extraordinary Care1:
1. Attend one of my Free Weekly Workshops! TO BE ANNOUNCED.
These Workshops are held:TBA
I will Equip Motivate and Inspire you to Immediately begin Serving your own Patients. I will also show you how to get the Pay that you deserve while Providing Exceptional Extraordinary Care to Seniors And People With Disabilities. Some of the topics that I will be covering in detail are:
                        1. 8 places you will find Private paying Patients.
                        2. 8 ways your Salary will increase each month.                                                            3. How to avoid a drop in your Salary.
                        4. Professionalism and Communication with your Patient/s
                            and members of their Family.
                        5. How you can attend free classes if you are inexperienced but have a heart and passion to serve Seniors/ and or the Disabled.
                        6. I will tell you how I got my very first Private Paying Patient which led me to 6 more!
2. One-On-One Consultations. My Consultations will further Encourage Guide Help and Assist you with any questions and/or concerns that you may have as a Private Duty Caregiver Entreprenuer.
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